Reminder: all stakeholders, please attend meeting on proposed Marine Protection Area at Ski-Boat club today

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This is an open invitation to all the Hibiscus Coast stake holders to attend a meeting at the Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club at 16h00 Thursday 4th December to discuss the future and the implications that will come about if a MPA is implemented on the Lower South Coast.

Some of the stake holders have been engaged in meetings (2) with Ezemvelo KZN Wild life which were held at the Ski-Boat Club on the 30thSeptember 2014 and not advertised for public participation; it was by chance that several of us attended.  The second meeting was held at the Whale Deck Ramsgate and Chaired by Mr R Cruickshank on 30th November 09h30, Mr Cruickshank chairs the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) and spoke about why MPA’s must be introduced, when questioned he was short and evasive resulting in a walk out of about 50% of the concerned stake holders who felt that they are being railroaded without the real facts being given.

Mr Cruikshank only spoke of the up side and when questioned about the documentation he was reading from he stated it was private.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife have had no participation with Tourism, Hibiscus Coast Municipality, Rate Payers or other interested parties.  Mr Cruickshank stated that the meeting was only for Conservancies.

If this MPA comes about it will have an effect on every single person that lives on this coast, from Shopping Centres, Accommodation, Petrol, all Shops, property values, employment, restaurants , take aways etc.

Our invited Speaker Mr Glen Jansen who has been involved with the Aliwal / Warnerdoone MPA saga and is NATAL DEEP SEA ANGLING ASSOCIATION Environmental Officer, is going to inform us more on all the implications of the MPA.

We need to form strong opposition to this MPA therefore we are asking the whole South Coast to get on board with us and assist.

Not for one minute are we against having conservation, there are ways to implement it; and not to have a total ban on fishing which will also mean the removal of shark nets which is a form of fishing from our swimming beaches.



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