Six Covid-19 cases at Ugu schools

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There have been six reported Covid-19 cases at schools in the Ugu district.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala on Sunday said since the reopening of schools two weeks ago, 73 notifications of positive cases had been submitted by schools in the province.

Teachers accounted for 57 cases, with 13 pupils, a food handler, security guard and an office worker also found to be infected.

Five teachers and one student account for the Ugu cases. The names of the schools were not disclosed.

Breakdown of reported cases at KZN schools:

Amajuba: 2 teachers, 1 pupil
eThekwini: 13 teachers, 6 pupils
Ilembe: 3 teachers
uMgungundlovu: 15 teachers, 1 pupil, 1 food handler and 1 security guard
Harry Gwala: 6 teachers, 1 pupil
uThukela: 4 teachers, 2 pupils
Ugu: 5 teachers, 1 pupil
uMzinyathi: 4 teachers
uMkhanyakude: 3 teachers
King Cetshwayo: 2 pupils
Zululand: 1 teacher, 1 office worker

KwaZulu-Natal recorded 1 043 new cases in the last seven days (5% of the national total), but on Saturday alone, 258 cases were confirmed.

Three deaths were recorded in eThekwini.

Fifty-seven per cent of Saturday’s 258 new cases were listed in eThekwini, followed by uMgungundlovu (16%) and Ilembe (5%).

Overall, eThekwini and Ilembe continue to contribute 75% of the total cases in KwaZulu-Natal, but in the last 10 days, the uMgungundlovu district has reported more daily cases than Ilembe.

“This week we surpassed the 4 000 mark, which is concerning,” said Zikalala.

“We now have 4 806 confirmed cases, 2 527 recoveries and have had 84 fatalities.”

Ugu now has 161 reported cases.

District breakdown of positive cases:

eThekwini: 2 796
Ilembe: 796
uMgungundlovu: 454
uThukela: 170
Ugu: 161
King Cetshwayo: 126
uMkhanyakude: 99
Amajuba: 52
uMzinyathi: 56
Zululand: 25
Harry Gwala: 19
Unallocated: 53

Zikalala said they are preparing for a spike in cases as more businesses reopen this week.

Restaurants are now open for sit-down meals, while licensed accommodation, conferences and business meetings, cinemas, theatres, casinos and personal care services such as hairdressers and beauty services have received the green light to open for business.

Also allowed are non-contact sport such as golf, tennis and cricket.

Zikalala said it is estimated that the KwaZulu-Natal economy lost more than R30-billion between April and June.

“A rough estimate also indicates that we lost more than 30 000 jobs in the formal and informal sectors during this time.”

He said while the lockdown regulations have been relaxed in these sectors, government would continuously monitor the situation to ensure that all maintained the required safety protocols.

Zikalala said public and private hospitals have been mobilised.

“A central database has been established and is updated regularly in terms of available beds.

“The department has also established clinics throughout the province to assist with effective screening.

“All district hospitals will be capacitated to provide rapid response emergency ventilation units.”

Covid-19 in Ugu district: The latest numbers

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