South Coast Bike Fest: Everything you need to know about Margate’s Madman Enduro

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The fourth round of the WFO Hard Enduro Series, which will consist of two stages, will be held at the South Coast Bike Fest in Margate on Saturday, 27 April.
STAGE ONE  (2.2km)
Margate start/finish
GPS: 30°52’14.3″S 30°21’57.5″
_______STAGE TWO  (± 35km)
KwaNzimakwe start/finish
GPS: 30°57’51.1″S 30°12’26.8″EKwaXolo spectator point
GPS: 30°53’09.4″S 30°11’42.3″E

All you Need to know about the Margate WFO Enduro

  • 6h00 – Documentation and Scrutineering. At the  start of Round the houses ( GPS GPS: 30°52’14.3″S 30°21’57.5″) *** GPS to be handed in for loading of the route which you can collect at the start of stage 2
  • 7h30 – All Bikes in Parc Ferme with riders ready to race
  • 7h45- Riders Briefing
  • 8h00 – Racing Stage 1 – Round the Houses: Race of 3 laps with one sighting lap will start at 8h00 in the following class order:
  1. Open Class
  2. 200 Class
  3. 125 & Senior Classes
  4. Clubmans & WOW
  5. Junior Class
  • 10h00 – Travel and set up pits at the Start/Finish area at Kwanzimakwe viewpoint ( GPS: 30°57’51.1″S 30°12’26.8″E)
  • 11h00 – Racing stage 2 Start. Lap is approximately 35 km GPS route (limited marking) with a halfway midpoint spectator area for great viewing and entertainment. Number of laps to be determined at riders briefing with all regional classes doing an untimed/sighting lap for their first lap. Clubmans and WOW class will start 15 minutes after the regional classes racing their laps from the start.
  • 11h00 -16h00 – The race will continue between this time where there will a number of entertainment items taking place at the start/finish pits and the halfway point at Kwazolo .
  • Spectators can travel to Kwazolo spectator point which should take 20 minutes for the 23km trip between the start/finish and the Kwazolo halfway point.
  • Food and refreshments will be on sale at the start/finish
  • 18h00 – Prize giving will take place a the Margate Village Pier Rock stage. Each rider and pit crew will get a passes for the South Coast Bike Fest at Registration

**Note to riders and crew for Round the Houses : Riders and pit crew are encouraged to park in the designated parking (with security to keep your stuff safe) in Marine drive and take their bike straight to Parc Ferme. There is no pit area at Round The Houses. When completed their race they should load their bikes and head straight to the start of racing stage 2, where the pits for the day will be.Round the house will be much the same as the historic Roof of Africa Round the houses.

Please remember to bring along your MSA License, POP, Self Scrutineering Forms, GPS. Need a Self Scrutineering Form? We have you covered HERE

Important Information

  1. There will be stampers on Route, if you don’t have a card holder, they will be on sale at Registration.
  2. Licences will be checked at registration, ensure you have a copy for in your bag while riding.
  3. Proof of payment – Copy on your phone is acceptable – Just in Case!
  4. Scrutineering forms need to be submitted at registration, Scrutineers will be doing their thing at the race on the Saturday. They will be checking that the affirmations indicated on the scrutineering form are in place and that there is compliance with all the requirements of the SSR’s and SR’s, this includes each rider having an environmat to refuel on and a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.
  5. WOW Licences may only be purchased from MSA online. WOW riders must provide proof of medical aid membership that is to be kept in the rides bag while competing.  See a MSA’s Presentation: “How to purchase a WOW licence online”. Open in Slides
  6. Refuse bags will be available at registration, if you brought it with you, please take it home with you.
  7. An event evaluation form is to be completed at the end of your race. Please find a form at the sign out table at Race Control on the day.

Entries and Race day Information

  • Entries at : Race Control  
  • If you are unsure if you are going to make it to the event, enter in any case.  Your entry can easily be removed if not required. All information is available on the WFO Hard Enduro web page


Each pit requires an environmat and a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.

Ensure you use a refuse bag and take all rubbish home with you at the end of the day.

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