South Coast Covid-19 Task Team urge public to follow proper testing procedures

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The South Coast Covid-19 Task Team are urging the public to follow proper testing procedures if they suspect they may have contracted the virus.

Formed on 14 March, the South Coast Covid-19 Task Team consist of medical experts from the private doctor network, private hospital groups, the public doctor network and public hospitals, as well as members of the district department of health, environmental health, education, centre for disease control, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, Ugu District Municipality and municipal managers’ office.

The super group are dedicated to mitigating the effects of Covid-19 in the region and will, therefore, not be mentioning any names of personnel involved. This is to ensure they remain focused on the mammoth task at hand.

Locals are urged to go through the correct channels if they suspect they have symptoms of the virus.

Crucially, as it relates to testing, the South Coast Covid-19 Task Team emphasised that the government is not yet doing random testing.

The task team stressed that a referral for testing is required and that only doctors can grant such a referral.

A consultation must be done with one’s doctor, either in the rooms or telephonically, before a referral can be granted, if deemed necessary.

The task team further explained that to be tested, one needs to complete a Case Definition. One would also need to draw up a comprehensive contact list before being tested.

The task team also identified the SANAS-accredited private laboratories and provincial sector testing centres on the South Coast:

Accredited private laboratories with SANAS include:

Global Neuberg



These tests cost R850

Provincial sector testing centres include:  

Port Shepstone hospital

Murchison hospital

Gamalakhe clinic

Turton hospital

These tests are FREE

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