South Coast Covid-19 Task Team: Vital information on hand sanitising, gloves and masks

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The South Coast Covid-19 Task Team have provided vital advice on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the public with a special interest in preventing coronavirus infections.

In a statement, the South Coast Covid-19 Task Team said, “Knowledge is power but protects nobody if not utilised correctly.

“Remember, the virus can only enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth and only you can put it there. Please, do not touch your face.

“Driving around in the last two weeks or so, we have noticed many members of the public using an array of PPEs ranging from gloves to masks to hand sanitisers.

“Good hand sanitising remains the single most effective method of combatting Covid-19. Hand sanitising includes thorough hand washing with soap and water for 20 or so seconds. The reason this works is simple. The virus has a protective fat layer which is broken down by soap and water. Without this protective fat layer, the virus is deemed ineffective.

“Hand sanitising with a good quality 60% alcohol-based hand sanitiser is equally effective. Pour 2 to 3mls of hand sanitiser into the palm of your hand and rub it between your hands, then rub into the back of one hand and the back of the other hand, rub around the wrists and rub your fingertips into the palm of your hand.

“Wearing of gloves. A number of people are wearing gloves, driving their cars, walking into businesses with gloved hands etc. Please remember that the glove is a haven for the virus. One must sanitise the gloves just as much one does with their hands.

“If not sanitised adequately, the gloves carry the bugs from the time of putting them on to the time of taking them off. You will also transfer bugs from surfaces to your gloves as well as from your gloves to surfaces that you may touch.

“Masks come in many different forms, ranging from surgical masks, to N95 masks to a simple cloth mask.

“N95 masks are for healthcare workers. Please do not waste this resource. Healthcare workers are exposed all day to sick people and need these masks far more than you ever will. If you are coughing or sneezing, you should wear a mask. A surgical mask will suffice in this instance.

“A simple cloth mask will also help here. It would trap any droplets that you may expel through your mouth and nose preventing infection of people and contamination of surfaces around you.

“Cloth masks can be washed daily and dried out in the sun. Please have a supply of 4 to 5 masks to rotate through the days of the week. 7 is good number.

“Masks are an unnatural facial garment. One constantly has the urge to touch the mask or adjust it. In doing so, one may inadvertently touch one’s face. This is a direct route for the virus to enter your body.”

South Coast Covid-19 Task Team urge public to follow proper testing procedures

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