Statement to the South Coast community by Johan Kinsey-Ahlers, who has tested positive with the Covid-19 virus

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Good day all.

Johan Kinsey-Ahlers here. As the news is already all over our coast, I herewith just wish to make a statement to our South Coast community, family, friends colleagues and anyone I have been in contact with about the reality that I have just been confirmed as the 1st unfortunate one to have tested positive on the South Coast with COVID-19.

I can understand the reaction and fear from many as this is an unknown and scary situation to deal with for all of us.

I would, however, just like to give some insight into this, for better understanding, if at all possible:

Firstly I feel terrible for the way this is impacting so many around me – firstly my family, friends, business and work colleagues and staff and many others whom I have had contact with in the past three weeks since 29 Feb.

I travelled for a business event in Germany in mid Feb – travelled to Munich on 25 Feb and returned to SA on 29 Feb. There were very few cases reported in Germany at that time and no travel restriction in place.

I was scanned at the airport on my return and was clear.

I have had no symptoms in the past 3 weeks and even this past week.

*There was no quarantine instructions for Germany at the time* and still none at the start of this week, as far as I know. I have been following all the Corona news and govt. releases closely.

I only went to be tested after the President made the public appeal and announcement this past Sunday evening 15 March.

One of these was a request for anyone who had traveled to any of the affected countries, now also including Europe, UK and US – since mid Feb to get tested. I immediately went for a test on Monday 16 March.

I was only informed late yesterday Friday 20 March of the positive result.

We have been following the hygiene protocols in all our business premises since they were imposed and informed and trained all staff. Staff had also been sensitised prior to these measures this past week around personal hygiene protocols as result of COVID-19 outbreak world wide.

We also immediately imposed a lock down on our business premises and staff for now when this news broke yesterday. We have partnered with a local Doctor, well versed in these circumstances, to implement a “disaster management plan” and are complying with all instructions and protocols at this time and assisting in any way we can.

I can only apologise for the impact of this on so many in our community and can only ask for your understanding and ongoing support at this time as this also has a major impact on my family, our business operations, staff and friends. I assure everyone that this is not something I would intentionally put on anyone.

I believe that it was only a matter of time before this would have reached our community – I do feel terrible that it has come via me…

Together we trust and pray that we will get through this.

We have been part of this community for more than 21 years and hope we can continue to be and also in turn continue to rely on our community’s understanding and support. I am thankful for the support already received from so many in our community who know us. My concern is truly also fot all impacted.

I can fully understand the current reactions and response from some but would like to ask that information is checked as correct and factual before being reposted and shared.

Yours sincerely
Johan Kinsey-Ahlers

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