Support new Lower South Coast SPCA fund-raising initiative

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Businesses and community members are urged to support a new fund-raising drive by the Lower South Coast SPCA.

Ahead of her 60th birthday in March, Lower South Coast SPCA marketing and fund-raising supervisor Dalene Erasmus has launched an initiative to raise funds to sterilize 60 animals.

A passionate Erasmus said, “Every day of my life, I see and experience such heartache. When a mommy comes in with six puppies riddled with ticks and fleas, very bad mange and terribly thin, I realize that we as humans must try and make a difference.

“They don’t have a voice. Please help me to raise funds to sterilize, vaccinate and deworm 60 animals. I can never change the world but we can try and make a difference! This is my dream!”

To support the initiative, contact the Lower South Coast SPCA on 039 317 3362/039 312 0962 or 083 222 6355 or Erasmus on 063 404 4382.

Donations can be made to:

Lower South Coast SPCA
Acc no: 1184618100
Reference: 60 sterilizations

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