WARNING: NSRI appeals for caution and extra vigilance on Tuesday

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The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has predicted unusual wave periods for Tuesday (30 June) which may result in relatively large powerful waves in between smaller waves.

Because of this predicted unusual wave period, a quick glance at the sea during a lull in waves may not reveal the hidden danger of a larger wave that may suddenly break the pattern of the smaller waves.

The concern is for anglers, beachgoers and coastal hikers who may be caught off guard by an irregularly large wave that could potentially sweep them off the rocks along the shoreline.

Paddlers, boaters and surfers may also be caught off guard by a wave that is more powerful than the norm in the surfline along the coast.

These periodic large waves may have the potential to damage some vulnerable coastal infrastructure.

NSRI are appealing to boaters, paddlers, beachgoers, surfers, coastal hikers, anglers and the public to be cautious around the coastline and to follow SA Weather Service (SAWS) forecasts.

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