Where are the sardines? Here’s the lowdown from KZN Sharks Board

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There has been a fair amount of sardine related activity between Pennington and Amanzimtoti over the past few days.

There has not been any signs of big solid shoals of fish this week, it has been scattered thin pieces which makes life difficult for the Sein Netters when trying to net.

On Tuesday the Netters managed to net about seven times, mainly in the area between Amanzimtoti and Chain Rocks.

There were a couple of small nets at Happy Wanderers and Pennington too. There were many attempted nettings which came out empty, mainly due to the strong surf conditions.

Wednesday was been pretty quiet with just the one confirmed netting at Umgababa of about 70 crates that we know of. There were a few missed attempts in the Warner Beach area too.

Thursday was very quiet with no confirmed nettings taking place. Hopefully the activity improves after the Fresh South Westerly which is predicted to come through today (Friday).

News from the Eastern Cape is that there is still loads of sardine related activity between Port St Johns to Water Fall Bluff but there are no actual solid shoals of sardines to be seen. It seems like there is a big mixture of the different baitfish species with sardines in this area.

At the moment the Bathing remains banned between Isipingo and Umtentwini, due to the sardine related activity which keeps showing up in these areas. If you are unsure about the Bathing status please make sure you chat to the Lifeguards before entering the water.

The KZNSB will continue to monitor activity in the days ahead.

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