Yacht raises concern close in-shore at Hibberdene

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At 10h15, Thursday, 13th July, NSRI Shelly Beach were alerted to investigate a yacht reported by eye-witnesses to be very close in-shore near to the surf-line and fears were that the yacht was running aground.

Lifeguards and Police Search and Rescue were also alerted and NSRI Shelly Beach dispatched a rescue vehicle.

On arrival on the scene it was found that the skipper of the yacht Blue, heading from Durban to East London, had come ashore to collect supplies and his 5 family members remained onboard but on trying to get back out to sea we believe that they were unable to raise the anchor.

Before any assistance was rendered they were then able to raise the anchor and they motored out to sea a safe distance from shore and lifeguards launched a rescue rubber-duck to take the skipper back out to his yacht with his supplies.

The skipper then informed NSRI that he was heading back to Durban under sails for repairs and NSRI Durban and NSRI Shelly Beach monitored his progress until they were safe in the Port of Durban around 22h00 that evening.

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