Margate High Court: heavy prison terms

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On  2012-11-24  at 18:30 three men approached SD Spaza shop at Nkobeni,  Hibberdene. This shop is run by an Ethiopian  and the deceased,  Abenate Kabato (28) was in the shop with his two friends Dialelg Sher and Adena Lire. The suspect pointed them with a firearm and demanded access to the shop.  A shot was fired through the door and deceased was struck by a bullet. They then gained access to the shop and once inside, demanded cash and cell phones. One of the suspects fired more shots while inside the shop and the deceased was fatally wounded. Two other victims were also injured. After investigation by Hibberdene SAPS with the assistance of W/O Gary Kruger from Port Shepstone, the suspects were traced and arrested. The accused are Justice Mdu Chili (50) accused one, Ntando  Shangase (20) accused two, Sphiwe Gumede (30) accused three . All accused appeared in court. Accused two, Ntando Shangase was taken to High Court in Pietermaritzburg on 2013-04-08 where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced as follows; Count 1- robbery – 10 years, count 2 –murder-15 years. The accused is to serve fifteen years before being eligible for parole. Accused one and three pleaded not guilty and the trial was held at Margate High Court form 2013-12-02 to 2013-12-12 where both accused were found guilty and sentenced as follows;

Count 1 – 15years

Count2 – 20 years

Count 3 – life imprisonment

Count 4 – 15 years

Count 5 – 15 years



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