Afriforum submits ‘whistleblower document’ containing damning allegations of corruption in Ugu to Hawks

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By Johan Pretorius
On Friday morning  Margate AfriForum’s Wessel Pretorius submitted a document containing damning allegations of corruption in the Ugu District Municipality to the South African Police Services in Port Shepstone for further investigation.  Details in the following media statement:
“AfriForum Margate’s head of Community Safety, Wessel Pretorius, today submitted a document received from a whistleblower to the SAPS for further investigation.
The whistleblower’s document contains serious allegations of misappropriation of public funds and even alleges corruption arrangements between Municipal Managers and external contractors.
We trust the SAPS will investigate whether the information contained is this document is true and if so, take the matter further. We also want show that AfriForum is a safe haven for whistleblowers and treat their safety with serious concern.
AfriForum will be monitoring this case closely and trust the SAPS to conduct a thorough investigation in this matter” said Eugene van Aswegen, AfriForum’s Coordinator for KZN.
Please join AfriForum in the fight against corruption.”
Afriforum provided the following covering letter to SAPS:
‘The AfriForum Margate branch hereby submits documents with regards to some serious allegations of corruption given to us by an anonymous whistleblower currently employed in the UGU District Municipality. As a civil rights organization AfriForum view’s these allegations in a very serious light and hereby request the “Hawks” to investigate this matter to it’s fullest extent, bring the guilty parties involved to justice and also protect the community from UGU Municipality and its management against all corruption involving the ongoing water problems in communities served by the Ugu District Municipality.
The HRC was also requested to perform a complete investigation into these problems as it comes down to gross violation of residents’ rights. Numerous communities were forced to go without water for days on end these past few years. This is contrary to national legislation and deprives residents of their basic right to water.  The local AfriForum branch repeatedly consulted with the Municipality over the past five years about the water problem supply and even submitted suggestions, but has thus far not received any or very little feedback or cooperation.

AfriForum as an organisation submitted similar complaints to the Hawks in 2016.
We respectfully request that these allegations be investigated and the guilty parties charged
accordingly if found guilty.

Wessel Pretorius
Community Safety Chairman: Margate”

eHowzit has seen the document. The allegations by the whistleblower are extremely serious, involve several senior and middle management Ugu personnel, as well as contractors. The allegations made in the document are much similar to those trade unions have been making over the past year, and challenged by Ugu management.  eHowzit will keep its readers up to date.

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