Cllr Dave Watson scathing in his criticism of Ugu’s inability to stop sewage waste polluting rivers

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Unfortunately, and shockingly so, the sewerage is still being discharged into the river and the repairs are still not nearly completed 7 days later! The Nkongweni river and the Estuary is now an open sewer with the obvious result in extreme environmental damage and a large stench permeating the whole system!

Much of this deliberate discharge into the system is allegedly in contravention of many Laws and the
Constitution itself! Whilst we do not contend that Ugu is deliberately destroying the environment, threatening public health and damaging our economy, it is alleged that gross negligence and insufficient planning and maintenance is the culprit. Ugu Council needs to be taken to full task as they are responsible for delivering these services and complying with all Laws and Regulations!

Let’s hope, nay demand, that the relevant Authorities notified undertake an extensive investigation and proceed to enact the full might of the Law! This horror cannot be just “swept away”to sea. This is the 4th time in last couple of years that this river system has been poisoned and this continue assault cannot be condoned or allowed to continue. Apart from killing the
environment, it is”killing”our local economy with the ongoing threats to Public Safety.

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