Friday water supply update from Ugu

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• Mnamfu command reservoirs level: Old reservoir is 100%, pumps supplying Nomakhanzana, Esibanini reservoir are off due to Eskom power outage and has been reported to Eskom.

• Nkuku Low reservoir level 7%, Nkuku High Reservoir 9% due to Eskom power outage at Mnamfu Pump Station and has also been reported to Eskom.

• New Reservoir 100%, outlet was closed last night and opened this morning to supply areas such as Bangibizo (ngakaMseleku), Makhoso, Nyangwini Clinic, part of Kambini. Sihlonyaneni, (26), part of Mathulini, part of low lying areas at Mfazazana & Madwayana are getting the supply through the system,

• Mathulini current reservoir level is 35% low, flow was directed into the reservoir last night to build up the storage to supply high lying areas.

• status remain the same at Magwaza reservoir,

• Elysium, Bazley, Mthwalume Urban, Sezela, water supply is stable,


• The Plant is running, Stone Hill reservoir level is 33%, Ixobho res 35%, Odeke reservoir 13% all climbing to supply reticulation network.(stable).

• Mhlabatshane lines: no water reports received from ward Cllr at Phongolo, Gumatane and Nguza in Umzumbe ward 3 was as a result of an inlet control valve that was faulty. It was removed yesterday and is set to be replaced today.


• Umzinto Heights reservoir climbing and areas that were affected last night should start getting water supply.

• AmaHlongwa Reservoir level climbing and supplying areas.

• KwaCele to Cedars then Dududu pumps are running

• KwaCele pumps to Philani Res, pump has been replaced, tested and still running, Philani reservoir level 39% climbing and outlet is opened, Tower is 15%.

• KwaDlangezwa, Olwasini and Okhalweni water supply restored,

• Esperanza Pumps are running to pump water to Ifafa Mission, reservoir is 90% climbing. Outlet is closed to build up level. Supply will be opened to feed Nkombo, Ndlovini, Mdatsha (Malangeni)

• Pumping main air valve damaged by a grader while regravelling the road at Mafithini was fixed yesterday.

• D&E Pump station has a mechanical failure which requires an urgent replacement and currently we are checking our spares. Zwelitsha in Malangeni has been affected by this,

• 4. KwaLembe system is critical but stable, supply is opened to Ntshaseni, Nobhodwe and the surrounding areas, while Mkhunye is experiencing no water due to low level at Ntabaskop reservoir.

• Discovered Water Quality Health Failures at the plant due to high river flows from upstream, however this has been corrected by draining the filters, backwashing, monitoring the chemical dosage, the plant is being closely monitored. Results are now normal.


• Vula vala system/water shedding is being done to alternate water supply, plumbing team will open the supply to Breamar and Vukefile.

• Ward 6 & 7, Umzumbe LM, KwaNkosi res level 59%, Enkulu res 90%, areas such as Bhanoyi, No.7, Joyisi, part of Qhamuka are still getting water supply,


• There is a reported sewer overflow at pump station No.1 in Alexander Crescent due to power outage. The team has been dispatched on site to attend this incident and also manage the spillage and cleaning up the site.

• All WWTW are functioning.

WATER TANKER SUPPLY STATUS (internal & outsourced water tankers) 03 April 2020


• 2 x Water Tankers, Ward 09 (Mngeni/Nhlanhleni, Qoloqolo, Umzumbe LM

• 1 x Water Tankers, Ward 5, Dumisa, Umdoni LM,

• 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 3 Dududu, Umdoni LM,

• 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 1, Mphambanyoni, Umdoni LM,

• 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 16, Dududu, Clinic/ Mahlongwa, Umdoni LM,


• 1 x Water Tanker, ward 2, Mabheleleni, St.Faiths, Umzumbe LM.

• 3 x Water Tanker, ward 7, 8 & 9 Malangeni, Umdoni LM

• 1 x Water Tanker, ward 19, Ntonto, Umdoni LM

• 1 x Water Tanker, ward 18, Dlangezwa, Umdoni LM

• 2 x Water Tanker, Ward 6 (KaMahlathini) Umdoni LM


Purification works operational at full capacity with all boosters running: plant and Sport & Leisure.


Reservoir is above 60% and Esperanza pumps running with Esperanza reservoir climbing. Reports of no water in Oslo Beach yesterday was due to a burst pipeline, team completed repairs last night and water supply opened.


Northern reservoir is stable, North Shepstone slightly dropped overnight and team closely monitoring.


Main reservoir is above 60% and tower above 90%. Msikaba line opened.


Ramsgate system is stable and reservoir above 70%. Kaisers and Nosita pumps running to feed Nosita, Margate Ext 3, 7 and Gayridge.


Umthavuna plant operational and feeding inland and coastal system.

Shobamdlanzi pump started.


Nkulu opened from Mehlomnyama and team on way to close Ngcengezi to divert water to Nkulu and KwaMadlala, Domba reservoirs.

Internal water tanker: 7/15
Hired tanker: 10/10

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