Sunday morning Ugu update on water supply

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Port Edward reservoir almost fully recovered, currently above 80% and feeding Banners rest.

Trafalgar, Palm beach and Munster supply will be opened tomorrow as per week 2 schedule.

Port Sea break was completed last night, supply restored.

Hanover pump will start in 3 hours to feed Izingolweni and KwaXolo system, then supply will be restored.


Seaslopes on 80% feeding Kaisers, Nosita and Ramsgate system; 4A, North on 40% and 15% respectively.
Most streets in Ramsgate are now getting water. System is closely monitored for airlocks.
North bypass to be opened when in approximately 2 hours to increase flow.

Thank you,
Ugu Municipality



Efforts to feed Port Edward last night seem to be paying off gradually as Port Edward reservoirs is now at 45%
Low lying streets should resume receiving water by midday.

Pressure at the reservoir is good, team do not anticipate any further challenges so far.

Relief water tanker will be dispatched this morning and CLO will coordinate with respective personnel.


Seaslopes reservoir seems to be recovering after the isolation on the break at Izotsha.
Supply to Ramsgate opened this morning to build up reservoir (North and 4A) which are currently empty; low lying areas will start receiving water after midday and higher streets later tonight to tomorrow morning. We are mindful of the prolonged interruption and we apologize unconditionally.

Kaisers/Margate has been started and Nosita will be opened around midday.

Team is ready to commence work at Izotsha break which has crippled the southern system

Next update later in the day

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality





Umthavuna system:

Plant inflow at 11.8 MLD; 5 MLD flow to coastal and 5 MLD to inland. BP2 level is on 29% feeding Southbroom, Sanlameer and Grassmere with levels on 40%, 85% and 20% respectively.
Hanover pump to Izingolweni and Kwaxolo.

As per schedule; supply changeover will be done to feed Port Edward.

Bhobhoyi system:

Seaslopes reservoir level is at 25% climbing; Ramsgate line and Kaisers pump station is currently off due to low level at Seaslopes. Team will continue with checking southern mains and check off take mains for leaks/breaks as there is still not enough water reaching Seaslopes with boosters running.

Gamalakhe reservoir is less than 30% and tower pump is off and tower is empty.

Sport and leisure is running to build up reservoir and tower to be started when we reach 50%. High water draw from plant by southern mains delayed Sport and Leisure start up and affected Gamalakhe reservoir level.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality



Please be advised that Seaslopes reservoir is dropping drastically regardless of booster supply from Bhobhoyi.

Teams are checking hot spots for breaks on the supply side and downstream of the reservoir.

We have since stopped supply to Ramsgate and Kaisers to stabilise Seaslopes.
Kaisers, Ramsgate 4A and North are currently on 63%, 56% and 40% respectively.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality




Plant production is at 100%, reservoir levels at 60% and all boosters i.e: Marburg, Southern, Northern and Sport and leisure currently running.

Umzimkhulu reservoir health y and feeding northern system and Tower zone.

Marburg reservoir and Esperanza reservoir.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo and Margate all stable.

Seaslopes is at 75% plus and feeding Kaisers reservoir and; Kaisers feeding Nosita, Game reserve and feeding Margate ext 3&7.

Ramsgate supply opened to feed 4A and North. 4A climbing and supply restoration will be +30% early afternoon.

Gamalakhe is being supplied by Sport and Leisure and building up and feeding tower zone (White City, Ireland etc).

Umthavuna system:

BP2 is above 60% and feeding Port Edward. Palm beach line is closed as reservoir is above 50%.

Supply to Southbroom throttled to build up Port Edward.

MUNSTER: The team is busy releasing airlocks and some streets have reported water supply being restored.

Leisure Bay is on 40%. Pressure line fed by PE supply.

Customers to note that the planned low lift removal has been executed. The pump is on transit to Durban. Our team have started rationing supply between inland and coastal areas.

KwaHlongwa System:

Plant is offline due to silt build up and high river level. Machinery being transported to site.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality





Plant production is currently sitting at 100%, reservoir level is 70% and all boosters running i.e.: Marburg, Southern, Northern and Sport and leisure.

Umzimkhulu reservoir is healthy and building up. The 300mm pipeline break in Valley road has since been completed.

Marburg reservoir is low. Esperanza and Masinenge has been shut in order to build up Marburg.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo and Margate all stable.

Seaslopes is at 55% and feeding Kaisers reservoir. Pumping will resume to Nositha tonight when Kaisers gets to 85%.

Ramsgate will be opened when Seaslopes gets to 60% late tonight to feed North and 4A.

The break on the bulk main to Seaslopes has been temporary fixed to maintain supply and repairs will be planned and executed during the week.

Gamalakhe is being supplied by Sport and Leisure and is building up.


BP2 is above 30% and feeding Port Edward and Palm beach. Supply to Southbroom and San Lameer has been closed to build up Port Edward and Palm Beach.

Munster supply will be checked as Palm beach build up and no break on the line to Munster.

The planned low lift removal will be effected tomorrow morning as communicated. The water and tanker schedule will be implemented as agreed.

KwaHlongwa system:

Plant is offline due to silt build up and high river level. Equipment will be moved to site by tomorrow to start removing silt.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality







Please find the current status on three supply water schemes as of thIs morning under Ray Nkonyeni and Umzumbe:

Umthavuna supply system:

Plant production is at full capacity with final turbidity compliance. Plant level above 60%.

Hanover treated water pump station is feeding Izingolweni and KwaXolo systems.

BP2 tank at above 60%; Port Edward is full and pump to Banners Rest has been started.

Sanlameer, Southbroom, Leisure Bay and Palm beach supply opened.

Bhobhoyi supply system:

Plant production has been increased to 100%. .

Plant reservoir above 60%.

Sport n Leisure, Marburg, and Southern Boosters started early this morning.

Seaslopes and Gamalakhe, Marburg, Umzimkulu commands are building up.

Northern system supply stable and Southern including Gamalakhe, Ramsgate south supply to start restoration tonight to tomorrow.

Kwahlongwa supply system:

Plant is offline due high river level and sand building up at the abstraction point. Excavator will move to site as soon as conditions allow.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality






Due to high silted water coming from the Umzimkhulu river the plant inflow had to be decreased to less than 60% to optimise and minimise excess dirty water from entering reticulation.

Umzimkhulu is still very silted; technicians are slowly increasing the flow while monitoring plant performance.

Seaslopes is empty as the southern boosters were off from Wednesday after the storm.

Ramsgate 4A is empty as it has no more than 24 hours storage when inflow stops. Ramsgate North is on 52% enough to sustain supply for another 24 hours.

Thank you
Ugu District Municipality


The Municipality will for the next two weeks implement a partial shutdown at its Umthamvuna Raw Water Works Pump Station. This maintenance programme includes removing the low lift pump to do replacement and servicing of rotating elements as a preventative measure in preparation for the upcoming festive season.

The current status quo is that consumer demand equals the pumping capacity. This is average to 23 Megalitres per day which results in the storage dam to operate on a fill and draw configuration. This planned partial shutdown will therefore result in the treatment works to drop by 50% of its production.

A special stakeholders engagement meeting which included officials from Ugu, all affected Councillors, Ratepayers Associations and Business Personnel was held at the Umthamvuna Water Works where the issue of this shutdown and other proposed future steps for the upgrading of the pump station were discussed at length. This therefore means that the whole area supplied by this plant will be subjected is no Vula Vala schedule and there will be intermittent water supply to the affected areas. The initial plan was to start the process on Monday this week but due to constant power outage by Eskom at the plant, time frames had to be adjusted.

Schedule for relief measures in the form of static tanks and tankering services have since been communicated with community leaders. Consumers are urged to use water sparingly during this period.

Meanwhile, Ugu have experienced a severe drought in its major bulk raw water abstraction point due to long period without rainfall. Bhobhoyi’s St Helen’s Rock water pump station has experienced saltwater intrusion into the abstraction point which is 15km upstream of the Umzimkhulu river mouth. This was a result of the spring tide in excess of 1.8 metres which caused conductivity levels to spike over the acceptable levels.

The effect of the spring tide has been amplified by low Umzimkhulu river flow during the drought period. Operations and compliance monitoring are conducted hourly to ensure saline water is not abstracted into the bulk systems and into the consumers. And our off-channel storage dam reserve was depleted during a series of planned and unplanned power outages including load shedding under Bhobhoyi/St Helen supply grid.

A berm has since been installed to prevent saltwater pushing upstream to the abstraction point. Operations at the plant are now back to normal and all the affected areas are recovering. This excludes part of Ramsgate and upper Margate. These two areas are experiencing system recovery delays due to a series of power outages.

We are continuously monitoring all supply systems to ensure full recovery of all reservoir levels and give our communities uninterrupted water supply. We are grateful of the continuous rainfall that we are currently experiencing, and we do hope it will be a huge relief to all our affected areas, especially Harding which is hard hit by drought.

As part of our long-term solution, a feasibility study is to be conducted to construct a permanent weir across Umzimkhulu river to avoid saltwater ingress and enable abstraction during drought period. Implementation of this plan however, is subject to the availability of funds and environmental authorisation processes.

We apologise to all our customers for the inconvenience caused during this time. It is our view as the municipality that water is life and as caring water services authority, we shall continue to provide our communities with this basic human right.



For more information and media queries contact:

Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications

Mr France Zama

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