Latest from Ugu on water supply situation

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Boboyi plant Inflow is 75MLD, plant reservoir
Levels @ res 55% & 75%

Conductivity 0.27mS

MARBURG, SOUTH and NORTH have been switched boosters ON this morning because levels have improved overnight.

uMzimkhulu Res climbing slowly res 59% Tower 7%
Ramsgate South 7% and 10%, feeed to these reservoirs were opened this morning as Seaslopes was low last night.
Nositha Res 93%, area should be getting water.

Marburg Res 45%, scouring lines by Wimpy Homes and King circle, water supply should be restored before midday

following yesterday power outage,
Plant inflow is now 22.2 ML/D
Plant reservoir is gradually rising now at 28%

@02:00 the team open up BP2 line
Hanover pump is running (florider is stable 67 & 99%, Nodalane @59%
BP2 31%
Port Edward is low at 7% Tower @66%, team has been dispatched to do physical inspection.
Leisure Bay@ 64%

Ramsgate North is beginning to get water on few streets, the rest will be restored by midday to afternoon today.
If anything changes, we will update you.

Thank you
Ugu Communications

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