Letter to the editor from Uvongo Ratepayers and Residents Association objecting to Ugu conduct and ‘lack of service delivery’


Dear eHowzit,

At the recent IDP and Budged Road show in Uvongo we experienced an unfortunate walkout by some members. As representatives from the Uvongo Ratepayers and residents Association we did not get the full opportunity to express our views on the “Proposed Draft Budget” . Towards the latter parts of the event the Programme director started to limit the time afforded to the public to present their views.  It was impossible for some to follow the proceedings when not conducted in English. I do believe that everybody present could and should speak in English.  I attach the objections of the “URRA” which I could not present fully at the meeting.

Kind Regards

Hardus Coetzee

083 453 6687


Uvongo Ratepayers and Residents Association

Objection from the Uvongo Ratepayers and Residents Association

There is NO justification for the reported high increase in tariffs

The proposed budget appears to apply to an organisation with unlimited funds

Including 247 Pages of non-essential statements, with no reference of any improvement on services

Page 4 to 5 refer to the UGU Vision and Mission

Please just live by this but move your 2035 goals forward  to 2019.

Full Services restoration must be immediate!

Our concerns – contributing factors causing our lacking service delivery are as follows:

Non-productivity; UGU to enforce the clocking system and monitor actual productivity!

Overstaffed and Overpaid; Reduce staff compliment to optimum “necessary” numbers!
Salaries and wages (including contractor costs) must be in line with the municipal guidelines
at +-35%, and not in excess of 50%!

Non-essential overtime and unnecessary contract workers must be stopped! This practice should become
part of your Vision and Mission Statement commitments!

Company vehicles; “private” use of any such vehicles by staff must cease!

“Workhorse” type vehicles must be provided for everyday workforce transportation, not luxury “Double

The accounts/billing system; this must finally become fully functional! “Correct” meter readings and billed
amounts are non-negotiable, all customer details must be accurate, monthly statements must be e-mailed or
posted as necessary (to ALL customers), and all revenues must be collected!

IMPORTANT NOTE 1! Page 148 point 5 refers to the duties of the Municipal Manager.

This refers – “No” salary increases for any senior staff members, however

Specifically included should be:

UGU Mayor
All Managers
UGU Councillors


No bonuses are to be paid to any senior members, until the UGU finances are in a profitable situation again.

With previous strikes about salaries and wages and other conditions the use of double cab type vehicles were  demanded.

There was sabotage to infrastructure

Intimidation and many more demands.

Were  there any disciplinary actions?

Have there been any arrests?

Are these culprits still employed and if so, why?

Finally: Thank you UGU for NO water to many parts of Uvongo today.

Thank You

Hardus Coetzee


083 453 6687



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  1. Finances were in a terrible state but double cabs were still bought. UGU should fall under RNM rule and be governed by rules. Too many municipal organisations, time to consolidate.

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