Letter to the editor from angry local businessman: “Protesting Ugu staff must be fired”

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Dear Editor,
I am a local businessman who has extensive business interests in Port Shepstone, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.
On 28 November 2019  at approximately 3pm while driving along Albersville Road I came across an annoying traffic congestion at the corner of Albersville Rd and Robin Road.
I could see a number of UGU vehicles parked very badly blocking the smooth flow of traffic.  These workers were loud and shouting , revving  their vehicles engines as well as pressing their hooters.
I learned later that this was a protest aimed at the UGU municipal manager Mr DD Naidoo  by SAMWU workers.
I also learned that they went to Mr Naidoo’s home and intimidated the female employee who is now traumatized and needing counselling.  I am not a politician but the whole of the South coast region is aware that UGU  is cash strapped and battling to cope. Why the hell do they have time for this?
I  have a few questions  and demands.
1.  This protest action comes at a time when we have serious water challenges.   Why aren’t these workers doing what we pay them for?
2. We the citizens are paying for the vehicles and the fuel used on  this
Illegal March.
3. We the citizens are paying these workers so can Ugu please tell us who authorized the March to Mr Naidoo’s house? They must be charged.  In fact every participant must be charged.  And dismissed.
As a businessman I am now demanding that the UGU Mayor and the Municipal Manager urgently investigate and suspend the staff.
We call on the Mayor to dismiss those workers who are not adding value to the municipality.  Fire them.  It is within the law.
Recently the Mayor of Newcastle fired 223 workers. He had guts and he did it.  He acted within the law.
Now it’s up to you Mr Mayor Sizwe Ngcobo. Do the right thing and fire the tsotsis in your organisation.  You will build confidence in the public …the people who pay your salaries.   I will be meeting other business people in Port Shepstone to see how we can unite and ensure that we no longer are held to ransom by lazy incompetent and technically useless staff of Ugu.
Thank you.
Angry Businessman
Port Shepstone

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