Ray Nkonyeni Municipality apologises for closure of Margate Beach

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As Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, we would like to profusely apologise to everyone for the unfortunate closure of Margate Beach for bathing or swimming. The same goes for those who are affected by the stench of sewage.

It should be noted that we have been advised by Ugu District Municipality that the pumps at the station just below the Margate Sewage Purification Plant had failed. This then led to the raw sewage flowing into Enkongweni River. Initially, the river was closed to prevent the spillage flowing to the sea.

Due to the extreme contamination in the river which led a large number of fish dying and stench of sewage affecting neighbouring residents, the river had to be opened. This then resulted to banning of bathing or swimming in the Margate Beach since the highly contaminated river was flowing to the sea or Margate Beach.

Signage to this effect (banning of swimming) has been erected and people are urged to cooperate as it is for health reasons. Once the situation has been resolved and it safe to swim, an advice will be issued.

Once more apologies for all the unfortunate inconvenience.

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