RNM MM Max Mbili celebrates 50th birthday at school where he did grade 1 and 2 by giving 50 pupils school uniforms

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eHowzit reporter

Ray Nkonyeni Municipal Manager Max Mbili celebrated his 50th birthday last week with a function at the Inkulu Primary School in Ward 25 near Gamalakhe where he completed grade one and two. The function was attended by several high ranking municipal officials and councillors, members of the Max Mbili Education and Empowerment Trust (MMEET), as well as his wife and daughters.

Mr. Mbili said he was thankful for what he had been able achieve in his life, and his motto was to give back to the community. “What I do for myself will disappear when I am dead, but what I do for others will remain as a legacy.”  He announced that his trust, which was formed in 1997,  was donating 50 school uniforms to pupils of the Inkulu school as a thank you gesture.  He pointed out that the school was built by the community itself, and that it was one of the most disadvantaged in the area.  He commended the educators and others involved with the school for what they had achieved.

His daughter, ms. P Mbili, was one of several speakers who thanked him what he had done in his lifetime to lighten the burdens of others, and she highlighted what he had already achieved in his 50 years. Before he cam back to the South Coast, he received several awards as an educator, school and college principal.  His academic qualifications include a Teacher’s Diploma, Higher Diploma in Education, Honours Degree in Education Management, Advanced Certificate in Public and Development Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management,  Masters Degree in Public Administration, and he is is busy with his a Ph. D.  Last year he was awarded a certificate in Public and Development Sectors Results-Based Management by Wits University. It was announced recently that Mr. Mbili had been invited to participate in the International Visitor Programme (IVLP) by die United States Department of State.  The US embassy nominated him to participate in a collaboration programme between US professionals and South Africa.  The aim of the programme is to “provide a platform of understand the US culture and politics, while cultivating mutually beneficial professional relationships, both in the public and private sector.”

Under his leadership the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has received several awards and clean audits since he took over in 2013.   Mr Mbili was born in Margate, and started off as a gardener for attorney Louis Hansmeyer when he was 13 years old. He moved to Durban when both his parents were killed in the party-political violence on the South Coast.  In Durban he furthered his studies, became involved in education in schools, colleges and local government. He moved back to the South Coast in 2013.

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