Municipal Manager to crack the whip

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HCM Municipal Manager Max Mbili says he agrees with ratepayers who say that as far as service delivery is concerned, they are not getting value for money.

In the second of a series of three wide ranging interviews with him, he told eHowzit that he would not tolerate a lack of discipline amongst the HCM workers and managers.  eHowzit afforded Mr. Mbili ample time in each of the three interviews to state the municipality’s case, because rate payers’ organisations have been criticising the HCM in the recent past for inadequate service delivery and broken promises.  In the process he made some important announcements, and committed himself, his staff and the HCM as a whole to become an efficient service delivery organisation.

He said he had established five pillars which would guide his tenure, but stressed that he needed the support of all HCM staff and management. Everybody should be part of a dedicated team striving to achieve the aims of the five pillars, as he would not be able to do it alone.


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