RNM Ward 2 councillor Dave Watson of the DA to hand in resignation

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After much consideration, and with no easy choice, I have decided to tender my resignation as a Cllr at the end of March 2020. This will allow a transition period where I will be involved in an exit strategy and winding down of my duties both with my Party and with the Municipality. This will only be official from the minute that I hand in my resignation to the MM of RNM and following due process.

There are many reasons for me taking this tough decision but there are three main deciding factors:

Due to the multiple failures of both Municipalities and other Organs of State in service delivery, my position as a part-time Councillor has morphed into a full-time occupation. My wife and I also own a school and this time/resource demand has been to the detriment of our business. From the end of March onwards, I will be devoting my time and energy to taking our School to the next level of excellence and ensuring that the young minds entrusted to us receive the attention and care that they deserve.

All my life I have engaged in activities that had an outcome that related to the activities engaged. Certainly not always a positive outcome, of course, but always an outcome! Over the last 2 odd years, all efforts and activities that I have engaged on with my duties as a Ward Cllr have resulted in the very few outcomes. Both UGU and RNM have become largely dysfunctional when it comes to basic service delivery and I have had little success in influencing them to correct that situation. Other State Organs like DOT, EDTEA, and COGTA to name a few have likewise descended into ineffectiveness in most regards despite all attempts that I have made to represent the multiple crisis’s facing my Ward and our area.

Thirdly, a few years ago I had a TIA followed shortly after that by a massive heart attack. The usual indicators of cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure were all not applicable so it was left to being caused by hypertension. I adjusted my attitudes, after recovering from surgery, so that I could obviate the slow poison of anger and tension. Developments in the failures of the State more recently have resulted in my personal failure at remaining calm and dispassionate. My anger and frustration have once again emerged as being a direct threat to my health. Dealing with the attitudes and incompetencies of most Municipal and State employees is resulting in many instances of rising anger and frustration that, despite my best efforts, I am failing to control and manage. This cannot continue as a life threat and I must place the interests of my beloved family as a priority.

It is with great sadness that I have come to the decision that I have made. I thank you all for the support and assistance that you have given me over the past 11 years in my time as one of your Public Representatives. I will be engaging in activities with two NGO’s going forward as I feel that our beloved country and it’ s peoples are worth the fight. I will also be thanking my Party, the DA, for the opportunity that they afforded me to be involved in our Community, and applaud it’s the dedication to being the Change that this Country so sorely needs. I remain a supporter of the DA and it’s Values, Mission and dedication to our Country and it’s Constitution.

Kind regards

Dave Watson

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