PHOTOS: New Ugu mayor pledges to turn Ugu around to ‘meet aspirations of our people’

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New Ugu mayor Cllr. Sizwe Reginald Ngcobo has been sworn in in the council chambers in Port Shepstone.  Immediately below is the congratulationary statement by RNM, followed by the mayor’s speech, in which he detailed what he envisages for the embattled municipality:


Ray Nkonyeni Municipality would like to congratulate the newly elected Mayor of Ugu District Municipality, His Worship Cllr Sizwe Reginald Ngcobo.

His credentials as the Mayor of Umzumbe Local Municipality speak for themselves that change in a way things have been happening is imminent. The people of RNM like others within the district have in the recent past experienced hiccups in regards to continuous provision of clean running water and other services provided by the District.

In his inaugural speech Cllr Sizwe Ngcobo gave some hope in that these problems will be the thing of the past as he highlighted that his priority will be to ensure delivery of the core services by Ugu District Municipality. He emphasized the point of ensuring consequences where performance is poor or lacks thereof.

We wish him well and looking forward to working with him and he is guaranteed the support of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality in his endeavors in bringing back the confidence of the people of the district especially those of Ray Nkonyeni.


It is with great humility and a deep sense of honour that I assume the responsibility to be the Mayor of uGu District Municipality.  I am humbled and sincerely honoured by the confidence bestowed on me, first by my political home the African National Congress and the many councillors in this venerable council.

I commit to doing my best to serve this Council faithfully, honorably and effectively.

We also would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the former Mayors and Councilors that preceded us in leading this council.  First, my colleague and comrade former Mayor and now Honourable Member of the Legislature Cde Mondli Chiliza.   We also pay tribute to our late former Mayor councillor Tolomane Myayiza for his sterling contribution to the work of this council.

As the incoming Mayor, I will be able to stand and see further because of the legacy you have created.  What will have to happen is the sharpening of the tools of delivery for the municipality to meet the overwhelming demand for the delivery of basic needs for our people.

Madame Speaker, our global icon and the 1st democratic President of South Africa Dr Nelson Mandela said “Good Leaders are those who become servants of the people, those who put the people they serve first and be directed by the will of the people”

These words continue to be our loadstar and guiding light and will continue to reverberate in our ears and occupy our minds as we daily undertake the responsibility to usher in a better-life for the people of uGu District Municipality.

These words reminds us that the ANC assigned us this critical task because they want to see faster change that will grow the economy and create jobs in this district, province and the country at large.

On such an occasion, we recall the role of many comrades whom we traversed the many difficult political roads with, the many instances where we almost reached political dead-ends as members of the ANC Youth League.  We were driven by a passion to change the lives of all South Africans especially in this region.

As we humbly assume the mantle bestowed on us to lead this municipality, we commit to be inspired by the same level of revolutionary commitment and passion to serve and inspire positive change in this district.  We will draw lessons from the years of experience we have acquired while serving as a councillor in uMzumbe Municipality since the year 2000, while also learning and benefitting every day from the collective wisdom of all colleagues

Madame Speaker, in the Manifesto of the people, the governing party the ANC, has put forward the plan of action to Grow South Africa Together with all social partners.  Ugu District Municipality will and must occupy the forward trenches in this agenda to grow South Africa and create jobs.

As we assume office, our main task is to serve the people and to ensure that we turn uGu District around to respond to the demands and aspirations of our people.

Such a noble task cannot be executed by one man or a team of three people, but it requires a collective wisdom and efforts of all of us in this council. Basically, this means, as the Mayor leading the Exco, we will be relying on your knowledge, expertise and team work for us to deliver on our mandate as we seek to reposition this district as a citadel of service delivery excellence.

Ugu District has a huge potential of being a premier tourism and events destination, but also as an investment destination. Therefore, we have an unenviable task of restoring the image of our district both locally and internationally to its glory days.   We must put an end to the poor publicity this district has been receiving of late due to  regular strikes, disruption of services, acts of vandalism. We must not tolerate vandalism and wanton destruction of public infrastructure.

We pledge to work harder to win the confidence of the people we are leading.

We therefore call on all councillors from the ruling ANC and opposition parties to work with us as we embark on a journey to stabilize and reposition ugu district.

State of Local Government Report

As we ascend to these position today, working together with the councillors here, our immediate tasks will be to study in detail the State of Local Government report which has diagnosed at length some of the

key issues and areas that require the immediate attention of this council, especially those that relate to uGu.   We have to confront the elephants in the room such as the challenging areas related to demonstrable evidence of poor oversight and weak oversight. Officials who thrive on aligning with certain councillors which then divides the administration and affects governance and proper functioning of the municipality. Rife allegations of interference and insubordination and lack of consequence management.   This we must collectively address.

Equally important is the issue of public participation whereby councillors have to attend to the needs and concerns of residents and keep people informed of the activities of the municipal council. Ward committees must work and support the councillors by organising meetings.  The Speaker will lead us in strengthening this area of our work.

We are aware of the immediate tasks to respond to water interruptions and water provision in general.  We will have to dig deep into our well of collective wisdom to respond to the water challenges in this district.

Corruption-free local government

One of the key areas of focus is to ensure a clean and corruption-free administration. We expect this council not to tolerate any action that is an antithesis to the mandate of this council. As we take leadership of this vehicle of development for our people, we will have to attend to various reports from the Auditor-General, including the audit outcomes of this municipality. The time for negative headlines must come to an end.

Service Delivery

Ugu has provided more than 70% of clean water to the citizens of this district. The municipality has achieved that despite challenges of high demand, ageing infrastructure, illegal connections, shoddy work by some contractors, etc. This has resulted in dry taps in many areas of our municipality. Several community protests are a living testimony to this challenge. Infrastructure is a critical area of investment that supports structural transformation, growth and job creation. As our infrastructure is ageing and overworked due to our previous history we must place our entire efforts in revitalization of infrastructure. Delivering 2019 SONA the President of the country His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa was emphatic in his plans to deal with infrastructure challenge in which he also invited investors to invest in the rehabilitation of infrastructure. The municipality must also look at directing resources to infrastructure in order to defeat water challenges.

As we approach festive season water challenges will have a huge impact in the decline of tourism in our district especially in the municipalities like Umdoni and Ray Nkonyeni.   We will work hard to sustain the Blue Flag status as part of our strategy to arrest the tourism decline.

The District Development Model – Khawuleza way of doing things

We commence work at a very exciting moment following the launch by His Excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa, of the new, integrated, district-based approach to address service delivery challenges and that would include localised procurement and job creation, promotes and supports local businesses and communities.

The new District Coordinated Development Model – with Khawuleza (Hurry Up) as its call to action – aims to improve the coherence and impact of government service delivery in the 44 Districts and 8 Metros around the country. Ugu is one of those districts that are viewed as development space that can be used as centres of service delivery and economic development including job creation. This new model is a game changer as it places emphasis on intergovernmental relations.  As a district we have to prepare ourselves accordingly to drive this model and the amount of infrastructure and service deliver investments it will bring to our region.  We need to ensure adequate capacity and strategic skills as we will be coordinating on behalf of all the local municipalities.

The new model will be launched in KZN by the President on the 18th October 2019.

This will require that we forge strong Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)Structures,  coordinated by the district.  Our responsibility with all Local Mayors will be to strengthen all IGR structures in the district including Mayors Forum, Speakers Forum, Municipal Manager’s Forum, CFOs, Planners Forum and Communicators Forum. Further more structures like Civic Society, Business Fraternity, Religious Structures, Senior Citizen’s Operation Sukuma Sakhe.

Our immediate plan of action will focus on the following issues:

  • Reducing and eventually eliminating Water and electricity cuts and supply and disruptions
  • Billing system
  • Good and clean governance
  • Crime and Social ills
  • Promoting unity and cohesion within the district
  • Storm water drainage systems
  • Regaining Business Confidence through high investment and tourism drive
  • Radical socio-economic transformation

We undertake to be a performance driven council and to this end I invite all the staff in the administration led by the Municipal Manager to continue doing the good work but also to double the effort as we seek to increase the pace of serving our communities.  It is important that all employees must earn their salaries. Issues of performance management must be strengthened, reward excellence where it is due and have consequence management where necessary. An accountable workforce is equal to excellent service delivery machinery. A culture of hard work and team work must be established between the municipality, amakhosi, political parties, ratepayers’ associations and other community structures, as we pursue our agenda to build Ugu.

We pledge to lead from the front in fighting social ills and gender based violence against women, children and vulnerable groups. Lokhu kuyisihlava okumele silwe naso kanzima. Kubalulekile ukuthi ngibonge ngibonge uMama uMthiyane obebambile njengoMeya kusuka kuhambe uMeya uMdunge. Ngingasho ukuthi inqola ibihamba ngenxa

yobuKapteni bakhe. Ngibonge amaKhansela wonke akade esebenza nawo ekutheni umkhandlu uqhubeke usebenze. Namanje bozakwethu inqola idinga thina ukuba siphushe. Ubuholi bamakhansela wonke kusuka kwawe ANC ehola uMkhandlu namanye amaqembu, ubumbano nokusebenza kanzima sikudinga kakhulu kunakuqala. Abantu bathembe thina.

In closing angibonge uNkulunkulu ongithwale kwaze kwaba lapha. Ngibonge inhlangano yami i- ANC ngokungethemba ngalelithuba. Kuwumsebenzi onzima kodwa engizowuphathisa okwezikhali zamaNtungwa.

Ngibonge umasipala waseMzumbe nowaba owokuqala ukunginikeza ithuba lokukhula ngize ngibe la ngikhona. Ngibonga wonke amaKhansela nabasebenzi baseMzumbe ukusebenza okuhle. Ngibonge umndeni wami ohlale ungithwele ngemikhuleko uphinde ungeseke kukho konke engikwenzayo kulomsebenzi wokusebenzela abantu bakithi. Kuyaye kubenzima ukungatholakali ekhaya kuNkosikazi nezingane kodwa ukwesekwa okuvela kubo kuyangikhuthaza.

Inselelo ikithi manje ukuthi sibhale umlando omusha kulesisifunda soGu kusuka manje. Owami umgomo owokuvula izandla ukwamukela nemibono yokukhulisa lomkhandlu.

Sengiphetha iqhawe lomzabalazo u Oliver Tambo lathi “Okuyiwona msebenzi omkhulu esiyobhekana nawo emva kokuthola inkululeko ilowo wokugcina abantu bejabule. Bayobe bebheke lukhulu kithina. Kuyoba umsebenzi ongaphezulu kokulwela inkululeko ukubenelisa.

Kuhle ukubambisana nesitha sakho, wazi amacebo aso ukuze uthole okuningi okubalulekile esikushoyo. Funda kusona isitha

sakho, Akukona konke okubi okwenziwa isitha. Ungathatha okuhle esikwenzayo ukuze kukulekelele kokwenzayo OKUBALULEKILE ungawaphindi amaphutha esitha”

u Amilcar Cabral,  ongomunye wezishoshovu zomzabalazo ezayibamba ishisa washiya namazw athi “ abantu akubasizi ngalutho ukuthi silokhu sikhuluma ngezinto ezisemakhanda ethu, kodwa bona bengawuboni umehluko ezimpilweni zabo, Abantu bakithi bafuna ukuthi izimpilo zabo zibengcono futhi nekusasa lezingane zabo libe ngeliqhakazile”.

Uhulumeni kakhongolose ukwazi kahle kamhlophe-ke lokhu okubekwa yilenkokheli eyayilwela inkululeko yalabo ababecindezelwe amaPutukezi futhi uzimisele ukukufezekisa.

We will work tirelessly to build the capacity of the municipality.   We thank the African National Congress for granting us this opportunity to serve the people of uGu and we will do our level best to implement the manifesto of the ANC that will ensure a Better Life for All in the uGu Disrict.

Together Let’ Grow South Africa!

I thank you

Ngiyabonga Somlomo

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