Sunday water supply update from Ugu – tankers offering relief to worst-affected areas

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Water Supply status: Area North Update: Sunday 29th March 2020 11.02am


• Mnamfu Command reservoirs level: Old reservoir is sitting at 68% with both pumps running and pumping water to Nomakhanzana reservoir which is 25%,

Esibanini reservoir 100%,

Nkuku Low reservoir level 44%,

Nkuku High Reservoir 69%. Outlets are opened to feed reticulation network.

• New Reservoir is full at 100%. The supply is opened this morning to areas such as Bangibizo, Makhoso, Esibhedlela and part of Kambini. Report of no water in Bangibizo (Ward 20) will be investigated today.

• Mathulini reservoir current level is 49%, outlet closed inorder to increase reservoir level. It supplies Mfazazana and Madwayana.

• 75mm & 63 mm diameter pipeline replacement is in progress. 300meters laid yesterday. Team will resume this morning to complete the remainder, crossing N2 bridge to Mfazazana and Madwayana

• Magwaza reservoir: the status remain the same as yesterday.

• The supply is stable at Elysium, Bazley, Mthwalume Urban. We received a low pressure report in Sezela but this will be resolved this morning by doing change over on the water lines.


• Eskom power supply interruptions – Breaker replaced yesterday and the plant is back online. Stone Hill reservoir level is 37%,

Ixobho res 42%,

Odeke reservoir 50% and supplying reticulation network.


• Amahlongwa current Reservoir level is 6% climbing. Team has been dispatched to a burst pipe at eMgobhozin that was reported by Ward councillor.

• Eskom supply interruptions at KwaCele was resolved yesterday and started pumping KwaCele to Cedars then Dududu,

• KWACELE pumps to Philani Res is currently disturbed by pump failure. Our team worked on it yesterday but due to challenges encountered, this was not resolved. They are going back there today. Alternative water deliveries through water tanker has been arranged while the problem is being attended to onsite.

• There are no complaints received from KwaDlangezwa and Okhalweni and pump station is running.

• Esperanza Pumps are running to pump water to Ifafa Mission reservoir which is currently sitting at 92%. Outlet was closed last night to build up level and will be opened after fixing pipe burst in Malangeni this morning, next to Jabula Saga creche by Myende’s place.

• Freeland Park: The 110mm pipe repairs was completed and pumps are running and reservoirs filling.

• Umzinto and Pelican Rd burst pipe will be attended today.

• Mbilimbili Farm was affected by Hazelwood reservoir low level and current the level is 26%, water supply restored.

• 4. KwaLembe system is critical but stable, supply was opened for Mkhunya, Ntshaseni, Nobhodwe and the surrounding areas. Water tankers were also there to provide relief yesterday.

5. Vulamehlo system
• Vula vala system/water shedding is being done to alternate water supply, standby plumber is around the Area to monitor the system.

• Kenterton: the 75mm burst pipe was fixed yesterday and the supply was opened down to Breamar, which is currently 35%, outlet opened feeding reticulation.


• There are currently no spillages or major sewer pipe breaks that have been reported.

• All WWTW are functioning.

Water Tanker Supply Status latest update: Area North (internal & outsourced water tankers) 29 March 2020 11.03am

* 2 x Water Tanker , Ward 14, 19 (KwaCele and Gqayinyanga) Umdoni LM

* 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 7, Umdoni LM,

* 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 4, Umdoni LM,

* 1 x Water Tanker, Ward 9, (Ginyaneni, Othandweni, Gumede Road) Umzumbe LM

* 1 x Water tanker, ward 1, Mkhunya, Umdoni LM.

* 1 x Water Tanker, outsourced, ward 2, Umzumbe.

* 1 x Water Tanker, outsourced, ward 2 Umdoni ( KwaCele/Gqayinyanga )

* 1 x Water Tanker, outsourced, ward 2 Umdoni (Ntonto)

* 1 x Water Tanker, outsourced, ward 9 Umdoni LM

* 1 x Water Tanker, outsourced, ward 8 Umdoni LM

Water Supply status: Area North Update: Sunday 29th March 2020 11.01am

Bhobhoyi plant is operating at fully capacity. All plant boosters are running including Sport and Leisure.

Marburg system: Esperanza pumps are running to top up Esperanza reservoir and feed upper Marburg and Bhobhoyi.

Umzimkhulu/Northern system:

All northern reservoirs are stable. Fitter and plumber dispatched to check New Bolton station and main: we are aware that high lying houses are still not getting supply.

Albersville/12A reservoir to be augmented to stabilise reserve.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo and Margate supply reservoir stable. Plumbing team have been dispatched to attend to a break affecting supply at Peter road in Uvongo.

Gamalakhe system: main reservoir is at 50%, feed to Msikaba opened. Tower is full. Sport and Leisure running.


Ramsgate feed is opened to southern reservoir. North reservoir is above 70% and feed to be opened in the afternoon.

Kaisers pump running and feeding Margate ext 3, 7, Nosita, Game and Gayridge. Game Reserve supply opened this morning. Please note that team closes supply at night to allow reservoir to build up.

KwaHlongwa system: water treatment plant is operating and system supply rotation is being implemented.

Mhlabatshane system (Dweshula, KwaMadlala, Mehlomnyama): team on site checking feed from Umgeni which is currently restricted. Supply will be diverted to Dweshula and in the afternoon to Mehlomnyama/KwaMadlala.


Plant operational:

Hanover is pumping to Izingolweni and KwaXolo system. Gcilima area is currently being fed. Ward 7 supply is closed due to stolen standpipe (Cllr and Area team working to reinstate the missing standpipe). Water relief logged for ward 7 and Oshabeni.

Coastal system: supply interruption experienced due to airlock on BP2 line, problem resolved and supply opened to feed Palm Beach. Port Edward and Southbroom levels healthy and supply closed to push water to upper coastal system.

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