Ugu: Full restoration of water supply imminent

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As of this morning, Friday 4th October, the Boboyi plant was at 93% production capacity, following a major threat of sea water ingress during the high tide which lasted almost 5 days.

The tide is now at mid rise, and salinity levels at the abstraction point remain compliant.

The demand is rather high,hence there is slow restoration to the affected areas.
Teams are working around the clock, monitoring the staggered-step-supply system, from command reservoirs to locals.

Reports of restoration from many communities are being received, while other communities including Nositha and Margate ext 3 are expected to have their water supply restored this afternoon.

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The command Seaslopes reservoir is building up gradually, and has begun feeding the Ramsgate and Kaisers.
The staggered-step -feed system predicts that the low lying streets in Ramsgate should be getting water this afternoon, Margate ext 3 and Nositha by tomorrow midday latest,
Gamalakhe, Marburg and surrounding areas are also building up gradually.

The team is carefully monitoring pressure to avoid bursts, therefore we appeal to communities to continue being patient with the situation.

We appeal to community members to reduce usage when water comes back on, to allow fair and quicker distribution to all affected households.( No filling of tanks and pools)

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Ugu Water services is working around the clock monitoring the impact of the high tide at Umzimkulu river abstraction point.
Almost a week later, the sea tide has started to shift to mid rise, and the salinity levels have remained within compliance as per SANS 241 guidlines for the past 8 hours, which allowed the team to keep pumping and producing fresh water.

The team has resumed pumping to main command reservoirs i.e. Seaslopes, Umzimkhulu and Gamalakhe, which have been depleted critically during the past 4 days.

Supply to Uvongo, Ramsgate 4A, Kaisers/Nosita, Gamalakhe and Umzimkhulu towers will resume by midday to restore supply to all affected areas such as Upper Uvongo, Margate ext 3, 7, Nosita, Ireland, Albersville tower zone.

Enhance salt monitoring will continue as a joint effort between Ugu and Umgeni water until low tide.
Long term mitigation plan is in place as there is expected spring tide during late October and November new moon, according to SA Weather Services

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