Ugu District Economic Cluster details plans to keep economy afloat

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The District Covid19 Economic Command Cluster has in its last sitting provided details of government plans which seek to keep the economy afloat during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This follows the recent address by the state president on a cautious approach to the easing of the current lockdown restrictions associated with the level 5 classification and beyond. And government has put in place a series of measures aimed at assisting all businesses who have endured economic hardship brought about by the outbreak of the pandemic of Covid19.

These measures consists of fiscal and support instruments to help our economy overcome the severe impact on production, markets and employment. Businesses are encouraged to contact their respective local municipality’s Local Economic Development offices; Community & Economic Development Association (CEDA); Ugu Business Association; Portshepstone Business Forum; Margate Business Association and other business association working with local municipalities for guidance and support on how to take advantage of the available relief fund.

And during this period, businesses in the District are encouraged to adhere to the set out regulations and also desists from undesirable tendencies of food price hiking; selling expired goods and using their business premises as sleeping quarters. We will not hesitate to institute due processes to those whom are being found in transgression of the law in this regard.

We are mindful of the severe impact caused by the outbreak of Covid19 to businesses and as government we are amenable to working with you towards economic recovery while ensuring that we contribute towards the fight against the spread of Covid19 in the District.

Clr D Nciki
Chairperson: Ugu District Economic Sector & Infrastructure Development Command Cluster

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