Ugu services to be affected by rapid spread of Covid-19

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The recent spate of increasing numbers of confirmed cases of Covid-19 among municipal employees poses a real threat to the execution of municipal services during this period of a surge in Covid-19 infections.

During the course of this week, the municipality had to close down about four of its premises where positive cases of employees who have tested positive have been confirmed.

And this closure of municipal premises has adversely affected municipal operations as more and more workers who were being identified as contacts to the positive cases were being subjected to self-isolation.

And this has placed the municipality at a precarious position where it has to balance its deliverables of municipal services against that of safeguarding the well-being of its employees.

The safety of our workers during this period is of utmost priority and all preventative measures are in place to protect our frontline workers who are despite the prevalence of the pandemic, are continuing to provide services to our communities.

We appeal for calm and patience from our residents who might be inconvenienced by the unprecedented interruption of municipal services during this period while the municipality sharpens its endeavors of combating the rapid spread of Covid-19 infections among workers.

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