Ugu: SAMWU holding the municipality and its residents to ransom

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Union holding the municipality and its residents to ransom

 The municipality has over the past weeks been held at ransom by the union SAMWU who has become accustomed to the disregard of the law and order by leading their members to perennially invade municipal offices at the expense of service delivery, and causing inconvenience to residents.

The municipal leadership has noted with disdain the unbecoming conduct by our workers who, despite all efforts made to create a conducive working environment, have resorted to abandoning their workplace in pursuit of an unpalatable course. Stringent measures are going to be meted out as this has adversely affected the municipality and its residents, and compromised service delivery.

Despite efforts made by the municipality in addressing the worker issues, SAMWU has resorted to delinquent action, ignoring due processes which regulate the municipality.   They are pursuing a prematurely conceived agenda and want to force the municipality to take action on unsubstantiated allegations of corruption. The presumption of innocence till proven guilty principle seems to have escaped the union,  However,  the municipality is resolute in that it will follow all due process on all matters it undertakes in this regard.

And media reports that the municipality is experiencing difficulties in paying staff salaries, is totally devoid of the truth.  It is in fact a desperate attempt by certain elements who want to cause a state of anarchy in the municipality. While we continue to direct our efforts and resources towards providing water and sanitation services, we appeal for to our residents who have been inconvenienced by this labour unrest,  to be patient. We are pursuing a workable solution to eradicate this state of lawlessness during which the union seeks to micromanage the municipality, and cripple its ability to perform its mandatory tasks.




For more information and media queries contact:

Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications

Mr France Zama

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