Ugu overnight update: Boboyi plant water supply severely challenged

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High tide continues to push sea water up Umzimkulu river, causing high salinity levels at the abstraction point.
Ugu team is conducting interval testing and pumping whenever the tide is low and salinity levels are compliant.
They are also exploring alternatives to reduce the impact.
The situation remains critical, areas from Hibberdene to Ramsgate are facing a possibility of having serious service interruption should the situation continues.
Ugu is awaiting accurate and latest forecast from SA Weather Services in order to make further critical decisions.
Citizens are urged to save water and use it sparingly.

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Following Tuesday night’s vigilant interval testing by Ugu team, they managed to salvage clean water pumped up to the dam, during low tide intervals

The level at Boboyi plant remains critically low, hence the command reservoirs remain shut.
The municipality humbly appeals to the affected communities, as the relief supply may not be available as efficiently as expected due to the Marburg filing point affected.

Trucks will fill up at Sports n Leisure, which takes much longer to fill.
The ward Cllrs are on board and they rely on the available info and resources, Ugu appreciate their efforts.

The SA weather Services information shows consistency and improvement, but it is too soon to declare.

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It is disturbing to learn that there are those circulating destructive rumors that Ugu water is currently not safe for human consumption.

Regardless of the ongoing high tide and related challenges at St St Helens Rock, Ugu team has been working around the clock to contain the situation.

Umgeni Water is on board, doing independent tests at their ISO 17025:2015 Accredited laboratory, and Ugu has a standing arrangement with Umgeni to test water quality on weekly basis, ensuring absolute safely.
Rest assured, Ugu Water is safe for human consumption.

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