Ugu using ‘all available resources to ensure that service interruptions are minimised’

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We are aware as the Municipality that most communities are experiencing water challenges.

Please be informed that the municipality will use all its available resources to ensure that service interruptions are minimised as much as possible.

And those communities whose supply has not yet been interrupted are urged to use water as sparingly as possible.

We appeal to our communities to bear with us during this period while we work tirelessly towards arresting this situation.

Please be informed that with the assistance of service providers the Municipality is actively attending to breaks on the ground and troubleshooting for the resuscitation of supply in the affected areas.

Last night we had an incident in the Mthamvuna system where scour valves were open which were supposed to be closed. Fortunately we were able to rectify the problem in time, curbing the system from possible collapse.

Water tankers and static tanks will be provided for relief supply in the affected communities and this will be done in liaison with the Councillors.

Once confirmed with Cllrs, information on the allocation of water tankers and static tanks will be communicated.


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