Ugu’s Wednesday morning water supply update

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Ugu Water Services Update for 14/02/2018

MARBURG: C180212/10
Burs pipe Hillview Road
UPDATE: Temporarily fixed. Repair work awaiting availability of an excavator

C180212/144 – Leaking pipe on Maywood Road.
UPDATE: Repair work to be done today.

IZOTSHA: C180212/20
Burst pipe on Izostha Road by Zest / Clementine.
UPDATE: Remains incomplete. Repair work requires excavator.

Burst pipe on Brickfield Road
UPDATE: Completed.

OSLO BEACH: C180213/101
Burst pipe on Marlin Road by the Vodacom Tower
UPDATE: Repair work to be conducted today.

C180213/134 – Burst pipe on Rodney Road, Lot 393.
UPDATE: Repair work to continue today.

MUNSTER: C180213/19
Burst pipe on Lagoon Drive.
UPDATE: Repair work to be conducted today.

RAMSGATE: C180213/79
4A Reservoir is dropping. Break was found.
UPDATE: Technician on site.

C180208/98 – Burst pipe on Dunkirk Road.
UPDATE: Repair work to be conducted today.

BANNERS REST: C180213/97
Burst pipe near reservoir.
UPDATE: Technician assigned.

MELVILLE: C180212/159
Burst air valve.
UPDATE: Technician assigned.

IZINGOLWENI: C180213/125
Burst pipe near Izingolweni Clinic
UPDATE: Technician assigned.

LEISURE BAY: C180214/5
Technician to open supply for Leisure Bay.

UMZINTO: C180213/69
Burst pipe on Court Road.
UPDATE: Technician to continue with tracing leak today.

Burst meter on Lark Road.
UPDATE: Technician assigned.


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