Umdoni community urged to stay safe as Covid-19 cases increase

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Umdoni Mayor, Cllr TW Dube encourages members of the community to take serious heed to the call of abiding to the regulations to combat the fast increasing rates of COVID-19 cases in Umdoni area.

Recent health statics within the jurisdiction of Ugu District have revealed that Umdoni municipality has become a hot spot for the life-threatening Coronavirus that has rapidly engulfed our communities.

Umdoni municipality is one of three hotspot areas in the district with alarming case rate in Scottburgh of 53, Amahlongwa 37 cases, Amandawe 44 cases, Emalangeni 37 cases and Umzinto with 46 cases. The recorded number of positive cases in the Umdoni total to 253 including cases from Pennington, Dududu, Dumisa, Esperanza, Sezela and Park Rynie.

As the numbers of positive cases in the Umdoni communities surge, Mayor Dube urges members of the community to be even more cautious and be even stricter in practising the proven basic methodologies in preventing the spread of this virus which include social distancing, wearing of face masks and regular washing of hands. “We should also keep in mind that social distancing is still one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of the virus and the practice of these basic practices are becoming even more important now as we witness positive cases of people close to us.”

Mayor Dube further said, “We continue to live in such an uncertain period as this is an unfamiliar trajectory for all of us in the forefront and the communities we serve, we urge for unity in fighting this pandemic and above all, let us be emotionally available to our families, colleagues and friends and help each other become stronger against the virus.”

Umdoni municipality reiterates the message of working together to combat the exponentially increasing cases in our communities by staying at home, keeping safe and adhering to all hygiene measures.

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