Umdoni Municipality to create investment opportunities to boost local business

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In response to the developmental challenges Umdoni Municipality faces that slow down the existence of a vibrant local economy; the municipality will host an Investment Summit on 16 August 2019 at Selbourne Golf Estate aimed at creating an enabling environment for investment opportunities for the local economy to thrive.

The summit will see the participation of Property Developers, Representatives of Local Business Forums and Key Sector Departments to forge long term business relations to address some sighted development challenges ranging from low to moderate levels of economic activity, tight levels of unemployment, low skills base and high infrastructure needs amongst others.

The Investment Summit aims to attract investments and create employment in new and existing industries. Also to unlock the investment potential of key economic sectors within the municipality and to improve the business environment through competitive transaction and regulatory costs, streamlined business licensing process, well developed local infrastructure and sound investment value proposition.

This summit is another initiative by the Municipality which aims to position it as an attractive investment destination for foreign and domestic investors as well as retaining existing businesses within the municipality. Also, as one of the economic hubs of the Ugu District and one of the five secondary investment nodes of the province; the municipality has significant investment and growth potential with agriculture and tourism being the main economic sectors that form the backbone of the Umdoni local economy.

Potential investors must visit out the municipal website, facebook page and local newspapers on how they can be part of this initiative aimed at ensuring that Umdoni municipality does indeed become the JEWEL of the South Coast by the year 2030.

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