Urgent Ugu Thursday evening water update on water supply problems



Customers in Marburg, Oslo Beach, Merlewood, Mkholombe and surrounding areas are hereby informed that we are experiencing some challenges with the Marburg Reservoir therefore supply in the areas of Marburg housing and industrial, Oslo Beach, Mkholombe and Merlewood will be affected.

Specialist leak detection teams have been brought in to assist with active detection of all supply lines.

We urge customers to bear with us while we towards resolving this problem as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused.

Ugu District Municipality



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  1. Water leak on R520 opposite Crayfish Inn Has been leaking for a few weeks. This was after the Ugu Dept. had worked on the problem originally. Open hole has been abandoned and no one seems interested in repairing the leak.
    A person cannot envisage the lack of effort and work ethic of the Ugu Water Dept. to let this issue just carry on as has happened.
    The same applies to the R520 through Ramsgate. It has become a dangerous road when one considers having to dodge potholes and oncoming traffic doing the same in the opposite direction.
    What is our township coming too? We just seem to be getting worse every day.

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