WATER WORRIES: Ugu shuts off pump station due to high salinity levels

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Following the increase of salinity levels at the Umzimkhulu River due to the prevalent high sea tides which are pushing upstream to the St Helen’s Rock abstraction point, the municipality has since halted abstraction of raw water at the St Helen’s Rock pump station. And this poses a real threat to water supply to areas being supplied through this system.

The current supply to the Bhobhoyi plant has since been diverted from the storage dam and the plant is currently operating at 70% production. And with the high demand of water supply in this system which supplies areas from Hibberdene to Port-Edward, most areas are expected to experience low water pressure and intermittent supply.

Residents are therefore requested to conserve water where supply is still stable while the municipality is accelerating the process of upgrading the berm which has been erected below the abstraction point in order to prevent salty water from entering the system.

And during this period, portable water relief supply is currently being provided through water tankers to the adversely affected areas. Residents are also alerted that due to low pressure at our filling points, water tankers will be taking longer than normal time to fill, and this will affect the delivery turnaround time. We do apologise for the unprecedented inconvenience that might be caused in this regard.

For more information and media queries contact:
Municipal Spokesperson
Mr France Zama

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