Bridge building dialogue video a smash hit……..

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The Management of the Hibiscus Coast and the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast Ratepayers’ and Residents Association have taken giant strides towards a partnership to solve the service delivery problems that have been experienced over the past few years.  During a meeting in Municipal Manager Max Mbili’s office between him and KZNSCRRA chairman Olliver Ransome, which had been facilitated by eHowz!t and recorded on video, it was evident that the relationship between the ratepayers and the HCM had already improved tremendously, largely as a result of visible and tangible better service delivery, but according to Professor Ransome, also a refreshing realism and willingness to engage on Mr. Mbili’s part, for which ratepayers and he himself were extremely grateful. However, Prof. Ransome said, there were still some outstanding issues which made it very difficult to restore trust, and he prioritised three, one of which was the issuing of a joint media statement after a meeting in August, which had as yet not been done.   Mr. Mbili explained why there had been delays with the three issues, but he placed it on record that he would eliminate the three problems mentioned by Prof. Ransome by the end of the week.  Immediately after the meeting, the first one was taken care of with the issuing of the joint media statement ( see elsewhere in eHowzit’s news file )…………As far as eHowz!t is aware, this was the first time in South Africa that a mindset-changing local government meeting such as this has been recorded on video for public consumption on a website……..we want to thank the participants on behalf of HCM ratepayers for their willingness to take part and their willingness to go for a win-win solution…… well as people who have watched it and let us know that it gave them hope of improved service delivery and a better relationship between rate payers and the HCM……

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