Wednesday water supply update from Ugu

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Please note the following system status update: Area South 22 April 2020


Plant is operational with reservoir above 60%, All plant boosters running including Sport and Leisure.


Reservoir outlet was closed last night to build up levels, outlet opened and Esperanza pump dispatched to be started.


Northern reservoirs are all healthy and stable.


Main reservoir and tower are both above 80%. Msikaba line is opened this morning after last night shut to build up Gamalakhe main reservoir.


Murchison 3 reservoir is being filled and changeover to Murchison 2 and in the afternoon feed Madakane. Madakane area was supplied yesterday afternoon.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo and Margate CBD supply reservoirs healthy and stable.


Seaslopes above 60%, Ramsgate system supply opened, Ramsgate South and North above 60% and 90% respectively. Kaisers, Nosita and Game reserve pumps running.


Mehlomnyama supply opened this morning, Umgeni closed supply last night to build up their reservoirs; bulk main has a major leak on the airvalve which affect volume being supplied to Mehlomnyama and chamber has been broken. Supply to Mehlomnyama will be closed, team on the way to isolate the airvalve and effect repairs. Mehlomnyama reservoir is low and no water is getting to KwaMadlala/KwaQwabe reservoirs. Nkulu has water and supply to Oshabeni and Franklands opened.


Plant operational; Hanover, Shobamdlanzi pump running and coastal supply opened.

Manzamhlophe water restored and Sgodaneni: plumber has requested TLB to work on Sgodaneni line. Dumezulu was fed yesterday, Gcilima (Bhokodisa and Makutshana) supply opened today.

Leisure bay, Grassmere and Port Edward line opened.

Kwahlongwa plant is back online, supply areas water restored.

Area South Water tanker Status:

Internal: We have only 4 out of 15 working.

Hired: All 10 hired water tankers are on the road

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