Woman rescued by NSRI at Port Edward

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E Howz!t received the following report on Sunday, from Alan Stilwell, the NSRI Port Edward duty controller:

“At 12h15 (Saturday, 21st September), while conducting routine base tasks at our NSRI Port Edward sea rescue station, we were alerted to reports of a woman being swept out to sea by rip currents at our main beach at Port Edward.

“We responded to the scene and an NSRI rescue swimmer and an Ubunthu lifeguard swam out to the casualty, approximately 60 meters off-shore, in the surf line, and rescued an 18 year old woman, from Umtata, bringing her safely back to shore.

“She had been swimming with friends when she was caught in a rip current and swept out to sea.

“Once safely ashore she was brought to our sea rescue base and treated for near drowning symptoms but she has declined further medical care and she has been advised on the signs of secondary drowning symptoms and to visit her doctor and to call emergency services if she experiences any secondary drowning complications.”

A lot of beach visitors are at beaches around the coast today and over this long weekend and NSRI remind sea users that we are in the full moon Spring tide, which brings much stronger than normal rip-currents, and there are also rough storm sea conditions brought on by a series of cold fronts. Extreme caution is advised to bathers, anglers, boaters and paddlers.


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