MEC Ravi Pillay in firing line……….exclusive…..


KZN Human Settlements and Public Works MEC Ravi Pillay has appealed to people in the so-called White, Indian and Coloured group to vote for the ANC, to “claim their space” and in so doing become part of a broader democratic effort to help grow South Africa into the shining example it can be if its people are united in facing the challenges confronting the country.    This appeal has also been the essence of the message brought across by other senior ANC people at a series of “outreach to the WIC group” meetings the party has been holding on the Hibiscus Coast. At these meetings, one of which was addressed recently by Mr. Pillay, the ANC responded to concerns of people in this group, and pointed out the successes of the party in handling problems and facing challenges since the advent of democracy in 1994.  However, some members of the WIC group at these outreach meetings, argued that although many of the successes claimed by the ANC could not be disputed, there were serious misgivings in their ranks about, inter alia, corruption, nepotism, and very importantly, the image of President Zuma.

eHowzit asked Mr. Pillay, who is one of the favourite and most respected ‘sons’ of the Hibiscus Coast, whether he would agree to be questioned on this matter, and he kindly agreed.  In what must surely be a ground breaking video interview for a South African digital platform such as eHowz!t, Mr. Pillay stated nobody could dispute that the lifestyles and living standards of people in this group had improved tremendously since 1994.   Besides, he said, the government had done an excellent job in grappling with the numerous challenges it inherited and those that had arisen after 1994, although there were still serious concerns such as the wide gap between the haves and the have-nots, which was receiving constant and serious attention.  In addition to managing the economy and other related issues extremely well, the ANC was committed to a democratic ethos and in particular to the Freedom Charter, the cornerstone of which was that “South Africa belongs to everyone who lives in it.”   Internationally, South Africa was holding its own, to such an extent, he said, that the country was regularly “punching above its weight division.”  In short, Mr. Pillay, said, there was no valid reason for people in the WIC group to feel marginalised, and why they could not become part of the ANC in its endeavours to make South Africa a better place for all its citizens.

At the outreach meetings, the so-called WIC people did not dispute the successes of the ANC, something which eHowz!t also conceded.  However, we reminded him of the serious concerns about issues such as corruption and the image of President Zuma in the ranks of the so-called WIC group, and indicated we would be putting him in the firing line on their behalf……




  1. What a load of lies and propaganda ! But then I suppose the population who are victims of the education levels since ANC Govt. will believe this self protection bull of Mr. Pillay!

  2. I totally agree a lot of lies they in parliament but cannot even vote against one person whom they know should not be there so how can we trust them to fight for our rights one simple example is a Indian radio station. They all there just to look after themselves. They are sellouts

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