Joburg traders and random people terrorised and beaten by weapon-wielding looters amid a ‘lame’ police response


Several areas around Johannesburg remained on lockdown on Monday following violent unrest which started in Jeppestown on Sunday. Foreign nationals became the target of attacks which saw people beaten, shops looted, and property set alight.

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  1. Steven van Staden on

    One of many of the most basic and fundamental human rights that the ANC has failed to protect is the right to reasonable safety and security; aw enforcement has failed, the justice system is to some extent already captured in critical areas and failing in others, looting, vandalism, housebreaking, murder, rape, extreely destructive rioting together with other heinously violent crimes and general lawlessness have escalated alarming and remain at intolerable levels under ANC rule. Among the basic reasons for this are a failed education system, a low average empathy and intelligence quota, incompetent, negligent, uncaring, self-serving government, cadre deployment, corruption, inter- and extra-government confederacies in crime, laws such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment that favour race and allegiance to the ruling party in return for favours such as corrupt tender awards, and rampant criminal activity with impunity among the class that supports the ANC or does not vote, which is what we see here in the increase in xenophobia which of course is a form of racism. To all of this might be added the incitement to racism and violence by prominent demagogues such as Julius Malema who has now told the violent mobs that their action ought to be directed against the non-black minority rather than against black foreigners. All of this, and much more, further undermines any hope of progress that might be attempted by a better class of party with realistic, progressive policies together with respect for the law, basic essential ethical principles, quality service delivery.

    Democracy cannot function if the majority of the electorate are uneducated, incapable of rational thought, and vote for race-based privileges or not at all. Our democracy is a mockery of the concept. That is why the good people need to overcome their general political malaise and apathy and fervently support Opposition parties and, most importantly, the many good civil society organisations that are fighting the major wrongs with very little public support. You don’t need to be rich to assist them. You can arrange fund raising events, publicise their endeavours and alert friends and colleagues to the most pressing need to support all opposition to the bad policies that are destroying the prospects of all.

    Democracy cannot function

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