President Zuma: ‘All the trouble began with Jan van Riebeeck’

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On Saturday President  Jacob Zuma and ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa did a lap of the stadium where the ANC’S 103rd birthday was being celebrated,  and waved to supporters before the formal programme kicked off around noon with the national anthem and prayers.

A praise singer told the crowd he needed to exorcise the spirit of Dutch coloniser Jan van Riebeeck before the rally could get underway.

“I have to clear the spirit of Jan van Riebeeck from this place first.”

On Friday night, at an ANC fundraiser, Zuma had revisited the country’s colonial history, telling some of the country’s wealthiest “all the trouble began” in 1652 when Van Riebeeck landed in the Cape.

He went on to say the African National Congress had a superior claim to power to other political parties because it was formed by a united front of the country’s indigenous people to vanquish white colonial rule.



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