Music in the Park fund-raising fest this weekend

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The Caring Saints will be hosting a Music in the Park fund-raising event at Hlanganani Park on Saturday.

Entry is R40 per person and free for children under 12.

Organiser Van Edwards explained: “This all started about six months ago when a service gathering was started on Saint Michaels beach. A group of surfers started to get together on the rocks to learn more about God. To worship him together and build our relationship with him. Afterwards we meet for a surf.

“Then I believed we were more than this and started Caring Saints. It’s not a charity organisation, it’s a handful of people that want to make a difference in peoples lives. So we came in contact with Hlanganani Park and brought up the idea of Music in the Park – bonfires, poi shows, dancers and musicians to rock the show. It’s a chilled, fun event for the whole family.

“All our earnings will go towards helping kids feed the poor, helping those who can’t help themselves, animal shelters etc and there’s no better way to do that than to entertain through beautiful music under the beautiful sky and open nature that God created for us”

For more information and tickets, contact Edwards on 079 371 4235.

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