Paint a rainbow with the colours of Holi in Marburg

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‘Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs’ are the ingredients of perfect Holi.”

holi2The Indian festival of Holi has become an international icon of multiculturalism.

Traditionally, the festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil but it has more recently come to symbolise setting aside differences and not differentiating between race and color. From red to green to indigo, each color provides festival-goers with a sense of beauty, ritual and tradition.

“For many the splashing of colour is about coming together and unifying. We are all people, we are all human, and it’s about setting aside past differences,” Veena Lakhan of Port Shepstone says.

“It is also about forgetting your worries – throwing them away with the colour and being in the moment, enjoying life with your family and friends,” she added.

The Port Shepstone Cultural Federation, the Shree Hanuman Sanathan Dharma Sabha Mandir together with various other temples will host Holi on 26 March at the Marburg Sports Complex from 6pm.

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