PHOTOS: Creston learners take up #spekboomchallenge

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As part of our Eco-schools campaign, Creston has picked climate change as one of our topics this year.

As a Senior Primary, we decided to take part in the #spekboomchallenge to help fight against climate change.

What is the #spekboomchallenge?

Residents and South Africans everywhere are motivating each other to plant at least 10 Spekbooms in 2020.

If we all do just this, it will be enough to significantly clear the air in our country, contribute towards reducing overall carbon dioxide counts significantly and hopefully make our Earth a healthier planet.

Each learner in the Senior Primary was given a cutting to plant, and once our cuttings have grown a little, we will be planting them along the top and bottom of the bank behind the grade 4 and 5 classrooms to try and prevent soil erosion.

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