PHOTOS: From new wheels to food and water, locals show SPCA love

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The Lower South Coast SPCA has expressed their sincere gratitude to community members, businesses and schools who’ve supported them with donations and fundraisers in recent times.

South Coasters (and beyond) have proven themselves to be generous supporters and the local SPCA has shined the spotlight on many of them in a photo gallery on their Facebook page.

The Lower South Coast SPCA in a statement said, “A big thank you to all our earthly Angels for all the generous donations, the support and help. We are so blessed with a brand new vehicle as well.

“How can we ever be thankful enough. Without your donations our doors would have closed long time ago. We do not get any Government support! Thank you very much!

“PS! We need our community. No matter how big or small the donation. To all our volunteers, you are very special! Thank you for your time and dedication to the Lower South Coast SPCA!

“Our Committee who supports the staff 24 hours a day – your support and guidance is very valuable to the SPCA. Very close to our heart also is all the schools that support the SPCA! How beautiful is a caring child that loves animals.

“If you would like to donate as little as R20 please use the banking details below:

Lower South Coast SPCA
Account number: 1184618100
Branch 198765
Reference: Donation

Select photos from the gallery:

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