PHOTOS: Records tumble in Southcity College interhouse gala

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Southcity Christian College held their Interhouse Gala on Wednesday.

Judah House won the gala, and they also won the Relay Trophy and the Spirit Trophy. Asher House, meanwhile, won the Tabloids Trophy.

Our Junior Victor and Victrix Ludorum were Chaz Young and Hannah Wichman.

Suné de Wit, who broke three records, was the senior Victrix Ludorum. The Senior Victors Ludorum, Juandré Joubert, broke four out of the five records for his age group and now holds 20 of the 25 records at Southcity.

Photo: Super swimmers (from left) Hannah Wichman, Chaz Young, Juandré Joubert and Suné de Wit.

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