PHOTOS: South Coast CrossFit athletes unleash tropic thunder

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CrossFit Mahalo held its first fundraiser in a competition format on Saturday, hosting 19 two-athlete teams.

The Hawaiian theme had members sporting bright and colourful outfits pacing them through three events, namely:

1) AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in six minutes of a ladder ascending in twos of synchronised dumbbell snatches and hand release push-ups

2) 21-15-9 in a nine-minute time cap of partner deadlifts and pull-ups with a 100m run as a speed hump between rounds

3) Seven minutes for 16 bear complexes split between partners (one works while the other holds a plate overhead) with synchronized burpees to target in the remaining time.

The event was run from the newly-established box in Shelly Beach, which was most appropriate to the cause of the fundraiser – to raise funds for the expansion into the next-door premises.

“Our box is still in its infant stages and in the true spirit of CrossFit, there were no winners as such. Each athlete pushed themselves beyond their individual capabilities and were winners in their own right,” owner and top CrossFit competitor, Sheby Skye, told eHowzit.

“This also enabled them to gain exposure to a competition-like environment while simultaneously building friendships and growing a community. The fundraiser was a great success thanks to our generous sponsors and our family of members.”

Skye said the rapid rate at which the box and grown since its opening on 18th June this year has exceeded her and her partner Jarryd Charlton’s (head coach) expectations.

“Our expansion was only planned for well into next year, however, our membership numbers have soared and we are now in need of additional equipment and training facilities, including showers and change rooms.

“Our box currently runs six scheduled and uniquely-programmed classes with different package options and we are looking to increase our capacity to facilitate more members per class to meet the demand of the South Coast with more people seeking motivation and encouragement from a structured training programme.”

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