PHOTOS: Please don’t disturb South Coast ‘treasures’, pleads Southbroom Conservancy

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Whilst enjoying a stroll along the well maintained and picturesque Ramsgate Ramble trail between Ramsgate and Southbroom, you will currently notice near Shirley’s point a cordoned off area (very noticeable with danger tape) and lying vulnerably in the centre of this area you should see a mother (or father) White-fronted Plover bird sitting diligently incubating their two tiny and very camouflaged eggs.

A few days ago, veteran South Coast conservationist Dave Halle was walking along the trail and fortunately noticed the vulnerable eggs after initially noticing the distracting ‘injured bird’ display the plover parents do to distract predators off away from their treasured eggs.

These birds make their nest by scraping a slight indentation into the beach sand and sometimes even line it with small pieces of shell above the high tide marker even up into the dunes. They lay between 1 – 3 eggs which are incubated for approximately 30 days by both the male and the female.

Dave couldn’t sleep after making this discovery and the next day, together with the help of some friends, they cordoned off the area and put up a sign with the hope that it will bring awareness and stop people and their dogs from disturbing or even squashing these little treasures.

If you are walking along this trail please be mindful and respectful of this area and hopefully within a month we should be able to see two fledglings with their parents. If anyone would like more information or has noticed anything around this nesting site, please contact Dave on 082 300 4283.


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