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Pursuing personal excellence,
Respecting human dignity,
Upholding essential values
Challenging the future



Integrity, Honesty, Hard Work,
Commitment, Fairness,
Loyalty, Respect,
Responsibility, Harmony,

Our PLEDGE to the Community

Port Shepstone High School will strive to continue its tradition as the centre of educational excellence on the South Coast.
We provide a full educational service to our learners based on the pillars of knowledge and virtue embodied in sound moral and ethical standards.
We will achieve this by a commitment to building a caring involved and creative community of learners, staff and parents.
Recognising and developing the unique potential of each individual
Creating and exploring a challenging and dynamic learning environment
Engendering a balance between the rights and responsibilities of the individual and the well-being of the school, the community and the natural environment
Equipping learners to participate effectively in a common future with all South Africans.

Education for Life

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