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There is a strong police presence at the rank, monitoring the situation. It’s uncertain when the rank will be reopened at this stage.

Port Shepstone taxi rank has been held to ransom from yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) by a group of unknown men, who some have claimed to be hitmen, in a move to assume control of the long distance route currently held by Zamokuhle Taxi Association.

It’s believed that these men, representing a certain but yet to be confirmed group, are trying to take over the Zamokuhle Taxi Association by force.

On Wednesday, taxis could not leave or enter the rank. The situation is still the same today (Thursday) with no taxis operating in the rank.

Today, law enforcement, Saps, RTI and TRT swooped on the rank, using stun grenades to disperse these men.

Saps helicopters have flown in the area the entire morning, monitoring the situation.

Certain men were searched for weapons but no one was arrested.

Most taxi drivers fled the taxi rank, leaving the people stranded.

Some taxis have risked operating outside the rank.

Official comment from the police is still awaited.


Article written by: South Coast Herald

Photo credit: South Coast Herald

Link: https://southcoastherald.co.za/440303/watch-port-shepstone-taxi-rank-held-to-ransom-police-swoop-in/

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